Log Cabin No 5 – part 2

With the main oak beamed base now in place, work continued through July and August fitting floor joists and preparing the beams to house the vertical frames in the corners.

The mortice and tenon joints at the top of the corner posts were cut along with the corner braces and each of the frames was assembled on a work bench then finished using the precise dimensions from the oak base. This was a time consuming process as the joints needed to be tight, but not too tight. Each frame needed to be assembled several times in order to get them ‘just right’.

Once all five frames has been completed, the corner posts were individually dry fitted to the base and each frame was assembled for a final time, pegged and raised into position. There are wooden pegs holding each post in place at the base and they were held in position using temporary braces until the wall plates could be measured, prepared and fitted into position to join them all together.

Time lapse video, part 2:

to be continued….

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