Log Cabin No 5 – part 3

With the frames now all in place, work began on the wall plates that would join them all together. These were cut to length and prepared with mortice, lap and scarf joints using the precise dimensions of the erected frame, before being raised into position and secured with wooden pegs.

Next to built built were the gable ends that would support the main ridge board. The cabin would have a gable at each end plus a third internal gable that would be fully visible from the living area once complete. The three gables were built in turn using a series of mortice and tenon joints with a king post so that the five individual pieces lock together when they assembled before being secured with yet more wooden pegs.

With the gables now complete, the first two were erected and the first of three ridge boards fitted into place. The second ridge board was then added and given a temporary support in order to build the hip and valley beams and the first of the roof rafters could then be fitted.

With the hip and valley beams in place, the last of the gables was lifted into position and the final long ridge board fitted. All remaining rafters could then be cut and fitted as well as the shorter valley and hip rafters.

Additional noggins were then fitted between the rafters and preparations were made to add some additional cross beams that would serve as additional bracing and features.

Time lapse video, part 3:

to be continued….

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