Log Cabin No 5 – part 4 (& 5!)

With the main structure now complete, it was time to board and insulate the roof, insulate and board the floor and to start framing the internal and external walls. A waterproof breathable membrane was then added to the walls with holes for the doors. As it is now October, the race is on to get the building weather tight before before winter sets in.

The roof and walls were completed by mid November and all but one of the windows and doors were delivered a week later. These were all fitted with a few days which means the cabin is now water tight and most of the external cladding could also now be completed. The one remaining window is an arched feature window which will be in the centre of one of the gable ends. This is being hand made so will take a bit longer.

Time lapse video, part 4:

In December we built a small insulated shed attached to the rear of the cabin. This will house the hot water cylinder and the electrical consumer unit. The internal cladding boards were also delivered.

With most of the external work is now complete, work can now start on the inside, cladding the walls and ceilings and adding cables for sockets and lights. The final window was delivered in early January along with it’s glazing panels, so the last wall can completed both inside and out.

We started fitting the kitchen in late January, the log burning stove was installed at the end of January and the bathroom was also started in early February. We also started building the decking and walkway in February on days when the weather allowed.

Plumbing for the heat pump, water cylinder and radiators took place later in February and at the end of the month the internal doors were hung. These had been built by hand using the same kiln dried boards as were used for the internal cladding.

The bathroom floor was tiled in early March and the rest of the bathroom was completed shortly after. The last parts of the decking and walkway were finished by mid March, just in time for the ash floorboards to be delivered for inside. After a big clean up, the next two weeks were spent fitting floorboards.

Time lapse video, part 5:

to be continued…. (not long now!)

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